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O'Neil Catheters

A unique self-contained system for either INTERMITTENT or INDWELLING catheterisation

O'Neil Sterile Field Urinary Intermittent Catheter

A completely closed system to protect the catheter from contamination by the operator. It also bypasses organisms in the first 1.5cm of the distal urethra - the source of most pathogens causing nosocomial UTI's.

O'Neil Sterile Field Urinary Catheters Features:

  • Prelubricated catheter
  • Has its own sterile field bag which replaces the traditional sterile field gowns, drapes, etc
  • Complete with drainage bag. Intermittent-sterile field bag doubles as a urine collection bag. Indwelling catheter is available without drainage bag enabling the user to chose a drainage bag.
  • Unique silicone introducer which extends the sterile field into the body
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Suitable for spinal injury units, labour wards, casualty theatres, general urology, home nursing services and self-catheterisation.


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Catalogue Number:

  • ONS M10: 10 Fg Intermittent Catheter (Hard)
  • ONS M12: 12 Fg Intermittent Catheter (Hard)
  • ONS M14: 14 Fg Intermittent Catheter (Hard)
  • ONS B14: 14 Fg Intermittent Catheter (Soft)

O'Neil Sterile Field Urinary Intermittent Catheter Kit


  • Intermittent catheter.
  • Gloves.
  • Povidone iodine pre-pads.
  • Gauze cloth.
  • Blue underpad.

Catalogue Number:

  • ONS M10 K: 10 Fg Catheter Kit. (Hard)
  • ONS M12 K: 12 Fg Catheter Kit. (Hard)
  • ONS M14 K: 14 Fg Catheter Kit. (Hard)

  • ONS B14 K: 14 Fg Catheter Kit. (Soft)

O'Neil Indwelling Catheter


  • Colour coded funnel.
  • Eyelets on side of lumen to help avoid abrasion.

Catalogue Number:

  • IND P12: 12 Fg Indwelling Catheter.
  • IND P14: 14 Fg Indwelling Catheter.
  • IND P16: 16 Fg Indwelling Catheter.